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ECC - Enterprise Content Capture

Enterprise Content Capture and Indexing are essential steps in achieving ECM / BPM objectives.


ECC is an unifying process that creates structures and searchable key word indexes for different types of enterprise contents such as paper documents, fax, E-Mails, office e-files (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), PDF documents, Web pages, graphics, drawings, photos, print streams, voice recordings, animations, videos and many other digital assets


Without proper ‘Content Capture’ strategy, ECM or EMR and any associated business critical BPM, PMS, BI applications will be ineffective.


Ecopro offers full-range of content capture and processing services. This differentiates us from rest of the ECM - BPM technology vendors.  We create corporate digital assets in PDFs, Tiffs, JPG or in other formats with metadata, XML tags and taxonomy outlines.  We ensure long lasting and portable digital assets.


Contrary to the ECM technology vendor’s advice, Ecopro strongly recommends separating Content Capture and Indexing process away from ECM, BPM platforms.  We emphasize on portable digital contents  from one platform to another.  Closely integrating capture process with any one ECM application will force you to use or license the application for ever.  For any reason if  the ECM vendor vanish, it is not possible to recover your digital assets out of the application.


Content capture and indexing is very labor intensive, and involve on-site and off-shore coordination. Content capture activities require effective planning to handle accumulated old documents (back-file conversation) and new documents that may be generated in the future periodically.

We provide products and services to establish following types of capture environments that best suit your business needs.

  Batch capture
  Back-File conversion
  Distributed capture
  Transaction based capture
  MFP & KIOSK Capture

Transaction based capture and use of MFP or Kiosk devices are growing in popularity; however one must note it is not meant for back file conversion, and it is closely tied to business applications and MFP devices used.  Establishing transaction based capture requires combination of systems integration and custom development efforts.


Our experienced IT team offers specialized distributed, transaction based capture and MFP based solutions ensuring exceptional value to our clients.

Meta Data Capture


Content Capture must consider handling metadata or meta-tags associated with digital files.


MS-Office (Word) documents contain metadata that provides information about document title, subject, author, company, category, keywords, date of creation, size, edit history, security rights etc.  PDF documents also contain similar data.  Digital photos, JPG files contain EXIF, IPTC metadata that describes photo resolution, exposure setting, geo-tags specify location where the photo was taken, date, time etc.


All of these metadata contain enormous amount of information and intelligence that are absolutely essential for successful ECM & BPM outcome.


Ecopro has developed tools and utilities to extract metadata from many digital files. When it comes to ‘Content Capture’ no one can provide such comprehensive services with complete understanding like we do.


    Our Task Oriented Services

Following are our task-oriented ECC services.  In most cases these services are offered as independent Ala-Carte services.  Customers have the flexibility to choose different vendors and any of our process steps to meet their project requirements. We will be glad to assist as an end-to-end solution provider.

  Document Preparation for scanning

  Document Imaging

  Micro Film Digitization

  Zone OCR / ICR – template design

  Scanning Batch Class definition

  Content Capture & Imports

  Indexing, Data Entry

  Data Validation & Verification

  Bates Numbering & Bar Coding

  Content archival services


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ECC is a core service that supports

ECM / EMR / BPM / BI layers


We specialize in

  KOFAX Capture, VRS


  EMC - Captiva

  Kodak Capture Pro

  PSIGEN Scanning Software












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