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EAI - Enterprise Application Integration

Ecopro provides Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) services to link business critical applications running within an organization and on partner networks to create integrated information management platforms for the improved productivity and to respond faster to the market or customer needs.


EAI helps to automatically interact or exchange data between applications and automate business processes to the greatest extent possible allowing existing applications or data structures remain in place without making sweeping changes to them.


Ecopro understands the challenges of EAI. We work with various, complex systems that need to be linked together, and often reside on different operating systems, different databases, and written using different computer languages. In some cases they are even orphaned legacy systems.


EAI involves developing application connectors, data adapters, content release modules or scripts, SOA, XML, cross-platform communication and message brokers and working with proprietary standards such as ESB (Enterprise Service Bus by IBM), DUET (for Microsoft and SAP), Oracle Fusion Middleware (OFM).


Call us today to discuss your application integration needs, and watch your productivity grow!


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