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Healthcare Industry

Quick access to a patient's medical history is critical to offer the best care to the patient.  New breed of fully integrated EMR, EHR, PMS, HMS information technology are enabling physicians to improve quality of care, productivity and helps them adhere to regulatory compliance.


Integrated EHR, PMS applications link all stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem including doctors, patients, insurance companies, healthcare service providers such as rehab centers, chiropractors, testing labs, and also the government agencies. This is helping each group to provide faster and better service reducing operating cost.


Implementing EHR system involves daunting task of scanning all old medical charts and indexing them comprehensively to extract historical data for evidence-based intelligent treatment options.  EHR is a WYPIWYG - What you put-in is What you get-out of the system;  it is important to comprehensively index the charts.  Many EMR vendors are taking easy route of just scanning all pages in one chart into a single image file with just one index name. This approach is unfathomable.


Ecopro is committed to fully indexing old medical chart.  We know every one desires it, but cost of scanning and indexing is making practitioner to procrastinate!   Here is the good news, we have made significant investment and built expertise to automate this process.


Ecopro is in a position to completely index charts with hundreds of highly relevant indexes for each chart;  all for less than the cost of what others are charging for scanning the chart alone.   All of our medical indexing goes through zoned OCR key word extraction and rigorous manual quality check ensuring high accuracy and relevance.


Integrated EHR, PMS system should handle role specific information processing and access rights ensuring HIPAA compliance.  We identify process such as scheduling, billing, coding, transcriptions, claims processing, lab work, accounting etc and for each process create on demand modules that may be operated by your staff or may be outsourced enabling you to seamlessly practice best patient care.


We provide following process specific Content Capture and data processing services for healthcare industry.


     Our EMR / EHR/ PMS / HMS related services:
  • Check-in / Intake / Admittance forms processing
  • Office visit - Patient medical history survey and consent forms
  • New Patient information/ Database record creation
  • Assessment / Diagnostics report processing
  • Evaluation and Management (E&M) processing
  • SOAP, H&P, PE reports
  • HPI - History of Present Illness input
  • Lab results information capture
  • Physicians Order
  • Progress Notes
  • Referral Notes
  • Transfer notes
  • Requisition forms
  • Scheduling forms
  • Susceptibility Report
  • Medical Charts & Document scanning and Indexing
  • Medical transcription
  • Nurses Notes
  • Medical coding
  • CPT, HCPCS, ICD-9 code
  • Charge Sheet processing
  • Medical billing
  • Insurance claims processing
  • CMS, UB04, UB-92, HCFA 1500 claim forms processing
  • Account AR /AP data processing
  • Diagnostic image indexing
  • DICOM image indexing
  • Patient on-line education material creation
  • Waiver & Consent forms
  • Immunization records
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