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ECM - Enterprise Content Management

ECM – Enterprise Content Management is a technology approach to capture, manage, store, preserve, and deliver content and documents across multiple business applications as needed by organizational processes.


Today's business applications tend to work in individual silos with limited capabilities to handle unstructured information in electronic files and on paper. It is estimated around 80% of enterprise information is in the form of unstructured documents or content. There is a compelling need to share information and documents across multiple business applications.


ECM reinforces workflow automation and document management concepts. ECM goes farther, acting as a centralized content server, minimizing document storage and retrieval problems through use of web technologies and tightly integrating with other business applications such as BPM, ERP, Bi-PM, and so on.


There are many flavors of ECM products in the market place focusing on mid-market or enterprise requirements, further differentiated by use of client/server or hosted web technologies.


ECM products typically have several modules; different vendors have their own nomenclature and module grouping approach to provide ECM- BPM solutions.  Give below are sample list of modules or components of ECM


Content Engine

Application Engine

Process Engine

Content Capture Engine

Content Image Store

Content Import and Export

Content Classification

Content Transformation

Content Input Indexer

Content Object Definition

Search Engine

Content e-Discovery

Content Tracker

Content Federation

Content Caching

Content Distribution

Rendition & Versioning

Our ECM Platform Focus





  Microsoft SharePoint

  KOFAX Capture

  Custom Release Scripts

  ECM-BPM integration

  EMC Captiva


Events & Dashboards

Records Manager

Document Manager

Compliance, Lifecycle Management

E-Mail Manager

E-Forms Engine

Process Analyzer & Definition

Process Monitoring

BI-PM Reporting

Application Connectors


MS-Office Integration

MS-SharePoint Integration

SAP Integration

System Monitor

Admin & Usage Reports

COLD, Backup, Archiving


ECC captures multiple type of unstructured contents and supplies data to ECM / EMR / BPM/BI layers


ECM empowers users with business continuity, collaboration tools, and regulatory compliance monitoring system and reduces the cost of business process through streamlining and standardization of information storage, retrieval and exchange.


Ecopro is focused on this expanding Enterprise Content Management market, providing service for both labor-intensive content capture and index processing and technology-intensive content management solution architecting.


Our ECM solutions improve our clients' ability to create, publish, search, retrieve, and manage content. We integrate ECM and Enterprise Business Applications - this allows our clients to contextually access their documents while they are working with any day-to-day business applications, or directly search and retrieve documents using natural language query and web technologies Call us now to jumpstart your ECM project.

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Open Source Adoption & Support

  Alfresco - ECM

  Nexeo - ECM

  Knowledge Tree

  Joomla - CMS

  Drupal - CMS

  Plone - CMS

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