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Hosted Services

We offer online hosted services or SaaS (Software as a Service) to outsource Content Capture and Indexing process.


Our services allows you to off-load or outsource technology and labor intensive document indexing, zone OCR, forms-processing, data entry work related to index validation and verification. Simply include us as your trusted partner to electronically ingest your corporate documents and contents through Scanners, Fax, MFPs, and Network drives.  We will extract all required data and intelligence from the contents and upload images and data directly to your business applications.  All done ‘online’ and almost instantaneously!


This is a  radical alternatives to the way Content Capture and Management are conventionally handled. We provide refreshing and much needed relief from heavy investments required to create document scanning infrastructures, indexing human resources, expensive server and software.  You can delegate all of your content capture and indexing process to us.

We handle small to high volume Forms-Processing,  zone OCR indexing structured or semi-structured document, full page OCRing, hyper-linking PDF documents and content transformation for ECM release.


For many businesses it is not economical to maintain a full department of document imaging and data entry team with servers, work stations, networks, database, and administrators. With the frequent new releases of business applications, companies are constantly forced to migrate to new platforms before even they realize their ROI goals of their current systems. 


Our hosted SaaS services allows customers to avoid many of these issues and also helps them to try new applications with minimum entry and exit barrier avoiding long-term commitments.


Our SaaS services fully integrate with your business critical applications. We can directly import and upload images, files either in batch mode or in real-time.


Our services are extremely easy to use. No software to install, so sign-up fee or account setup fees apply. We offer monthly flat rates and optional volume override options as well. Contact us for more details.


Our Hosted Services

  On-Line Content Capture
  On-Line OCR, Indexing

 On-Line Forms Processing
 On-Line Transcription
  Hosted ECM

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