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Utilizing our process or task-oriented services we serve a number of industry verticals.


Our services are suited for processing generic documents such as letters, memos, agreements, manuals, etc. and for processing formatted, data-embedded structured  documents such as invoices, loan applications, business forms, insurance claim forms, tax forms, medical forms, health records etc.


To effectively serve chosen industry vertical such as Healthcare or Financial industry we apply domain specific terminologies and business process knowledge.


No matter what industry you are in, as long as your business process involves data-entry intensive document processing, or preserving paper documents for legal and compliance purpose, we can help you to significantly reduce labor costs and content management issues.


Based on the industry and the document type that needs to be processed, we establish very specific back-office data processing procedures and decision making support services combined with software environments to accomplish the processing goals using specialized teams.


We support industry verticals such as healthcare, banking, finance, insurance, mortgage, legal, rental & property management companies, utilities, retail, government, service sector, telecom and cable companies.


Our services add value to our customers through enhanced scale of operation, economics, flexibility, compliance, control, disaster recovery and business continuity means.

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