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Ecopro provides easy to use online forms processing services as an alternative to the heavy investments required to create document scanning infrastructures, indexing human resources, expensive server and software. You can delegate all of your forms processing, data entry and indexing process to us. 


As your service provider we will electronically ingest your form documents through Scanners, Fax, MFPs, and Network drives.  We will extract all required data and intelligence from the contents and upload images and data directly to your designated ECM, EMR or business applications.  All done ‘online’ and almost instantaneously! 


How it works

   Sign-Up for our service; Specify document type and quantity per month 

   Provide sample documents, forms, fields to index

   Directly Scan, FAX, e-Mail or upload to our content collection server

   Our centralized Auto Index server instantly performs rule based zone OCR indexing

   For Quality and Accuracy assurance visual validation and optional double entry verification is applied 

   Processed image and index are released (uploaded) to client specified application or location

   Highly secured, ripped and scrambled image and index handling

   No setup fee, month-to-month engagement

   Very low processing fee (80% saving over Chargeback and FTE cost)

ECOPRO's Online Content Capture and Indexing Service Overview


Quick Win for...   

     Doctors office - Patient sign-in form processing

     Health forms and claim coding

     Account Payable / Invoice processing

     Enrollment, Event registration forms

     Credit applications

     Insurance claims forms

     Rental, Lease applications

     Magazine subscription processing

     Warranty card, Product registration

     Shipping and Receiving - Packing slips, Bills of  Lading

     City, County forms


Choose any package....   


     Silver:  1000 same type forms per month, Single or fixed multiple page forms;

          6 index fields from fixed zones = $195/month.


     Gold:  2000 same type forms per month, Single or fixed multiple page forms;

          10 index fields from fixed zones = $345/month.


     Platinum: 4000 forms upto 4 types per month, Single or fixed multiple page forms;

          10 index fields from fixed zones = $495/month. (FREE Scanner when you sign-up for one year)


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We offer On-line forms processing service


Upload your forms

Download your indexed data


There are hundreds of pre-printed, standard forms in use within Government, Healthcare, Insurance, Banking, Service industry.

Just let us know the Form Number or ID.  We have templates to quickly process many of them at low cost. Call for Details










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