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Ecopro provides comprehensive services relating to document processing and content management.  Our services are process or task-oriented, focused on delivering bottom line results.  If your business process involves data-entry intensive document processing, or preserving paper documents for legal and compliance purpose, we can help you significantly reduce paper document storage issues and labor costs associated with data entry, data processing and on-going document retrieval issues.


Our services are suited for processing generic documents such as letters, memos, agreements, manuals, etc. and for processing formatted, data-embedded structured documents such as invoices, loan applications, business forms, insurance claim forms, tax forms, medical forms, health records etc.


To effectively serve chosen industry vertical such as Healthcare or Financial industry we apply domain specific terminologies and business process knowledge.


Effectiveness of any ECM system depends on the chosen technology environment and level of application integration achieved. Through our software services initiatives we provide consulting, in-depth requirement analysis, project planning, and cost and time-estimation services that help our clients choose the right solutions to reap the benefit of ECM.

Following are our process driven content processing services.

Our Services

Document Imaging

Content Capture

OCR & Indexing

Forms processing

Data Entry & Validation

Content Classification & Coding

Content Transformation

PDF Document Reformation

E-Mail Mining & Archiving

Compliance & Regulatory Support

Content E-Publishing

Content Syndication

Content Releasing to ECM / EMR

EMR-EHR & PMS implementation

ECM & BPM implementation

Application Management Services


As part of our integrated services we offer back-office financial data processing & decision making support services such as loan document processing, insurance claim forms processing, payment remittance & receipts processing, bookkeeping, income tax forms and schedules preparation.


Our services help enterprises unify the efforts involved in managing contents for Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA compliance and in complying with document retention policies.


.Ecopro is structured to handle small and large volume document scanning, data entry, forms processing, indexing, conversion, and back office services, using its data processing BPO unit in India.  We are able to process more than one million mail-in check payments, coupons, short applications, survey forms, product registration cards, magazine subscription forms each week.


Ecopro offers real-time synchronized scanning and data entry with a turn-around time of less than 5 minutes for each individual document. Such speeds are made possible through our proprietary "Automatic Document Distribution system for Data Entry (ADD-DE)".  We are able to process more than a half million generic documents each day for naming, indexing, XML-tagging and linking them to DMS or CMS systems.


We are recognized for providing seamless on-site scanning logistics and after converting physical documents into digital form. We offer achieving services for both physical and digital media.

Call us now to jumpstart your ECM / EMR project. We provide one stop solution starting with labor-intensive Document Scanning and indexing services to technology-intensive application implementation and support services.

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