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Solution Architecting and Project Management

Today’s business challenges and the interconnected applications require very best minds to architect solution that exactly fit your needs using the right products that maximize ROI.  ECM / BPM implementation impacts several business process in any organization and integrates with number of business critical IT applications. 


Continuous winning or losing from ECM / BPM implementation depends on crucial product selection phase. Selecting ECM, EMR, BPM products require business process review, process transformation planning, architecting best-fit solution, use-case and gap analysis. It is difficult and expensive to migrate out of any wrongly chosen platform.


We provide EMR, ECM -BPM Kick-Start or Jump-Start services with a well defined SOW (statement of work) and deliverables in a time frame.


Our Solution Architecting and Project Management services are structured to create environments wherein content management is productive, efficient, and reduces operational costs.


We focus on project requirement analysis, systems design, and sourcing the right applications and components to build cost effective, efficient, reliable ECM systems that suites the clients needs. We also provide on-site application installation, configuration, and systems integration services.

Our ECM software team consists of project managers, functional analysts, ECM products installation and configuration specialists, database administrators, network and systems administrators, security specialists, development engineers and support personal.  Our services are provided either as fixed cost turn-key projects or as time & material on-site services. If a client requires assistance in hiring and training their own internal staff we can provide such services.

Following are our specific Document and Enterprise content management services

Content Capture and ECM Planning & Implementation

Document scanning, content capture and management system implementation requires smart planning by business functional analysts, systems analysts, and database modelers. People who are involved in physical document storage and retrieval can influence the system's requirements to match their physical systems. Any ad-hoc design may result in costly or irrevocable mistakes when scanned documents are shredded. There are other factors to consider; on-going data storage cost, retrieval band-width usage cost, ability to integrate applications, content indexing methods and speed of retrieval, scalability, and reliability, to name a few. More importantly the team must have knowledge sufficient to choose a system that offers value for their money combining low cost and high performance.

ECOPRO provides ECM project planning and implementation services. We deploy our team at the customer location for on-site assessment, preparing detailed requirement documents, writing an RFP, on-site systems integration and installation work. After implementation we provide off-shore based remote application administration and user support.

Data Entry and DB Connector Module Development
While processing business forms, applications or survey forms, the data has to be captured and posted to a specified database. The data entry operation is done on-line directly to the database using the underlying database management application. When the data entry operations are outsourced, for reasons including security and bandwidth connectivity cost, some companies prefer a off-line standalone data capture, and batch processing. This process helps in error checking, in OCR /ICR engine processing for automatic data capture, and productive monitoring to pay for the data entry services etc. For every form, application processing of a customized application has to be developed.

Ecopro provides such data entry module development services, and uploads data from such modules to any enterprise applications such as CRM, ERP, SFA etc.

Content Processing Automation Tools
We develop process specific automation tools to achieve high-speed high-volume data capture maintaining excellent data accuracy. The data entry for most business forms, applications, and survey forms can be automated using OCR / ICR / OMR engines. There are many commercially available OCR / ICR applications. Such applications require configuring and customization to handle specific documents. ECOPRO offers comprehensive OCR, ICR, OMR, engine integration services to automate the data capture process. We work with leading OCR / ICR engine vendors including Kofax, Abbyy, Leadtools, Datacap. Our automation service includes uploading data captured by OCR / ICR engines to any enterprise applications such as CRM, ERP, SFA, SCM, financial accounting systems etc.

Periodic Reporting
Many document processing are done with the underlying need to generate MIS reports. Reports range from simple counting to complex financial and statistical analysis. Most often the reports are generated through database applications. ECOPRO’s IT team is capable of handling any reporting requirements.

BPM - Workflow Automation and Document Linking

When using business critical applications such as CRM, ERP, HRMS etc. documents associated with each process can be defined in ECM-BPM layer. For example under HRMS – Human Resource Management System – from hiring to terminating an employee - the process steps and the documents required to be maintained in each employee file can be defined. Similarly a purchase can be defined to have competitive bids, justification for award, purchase agreements, goods delivery note, goods acceptance note, vendor invoices, payment made proof etc.

ECOPRO provides automated document verification system by creating a link list of documents and periodically checking to see that all documents are maintained in proper manner. Due to the cumbersome nature of physical document verification, many costly oversights are discovered when it is too late. With ECM and our document link cross-check services, an executive management team can conduct periodic document cross checks and enforce the records keeping policies.

Given our expertise and the level of services we offer, with a competitive edge, call us today to architect and implement your next project.

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